5th Annual Conference 2020

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Program, Speakers, and Participation

The conference is divided into two main plenary sessions: 1) Crisis in political institutions, and 2) Election Reform in Nepal.

Mr. Bhagirath Yogi, formerly with BBC Nepali Service, now an independent media and communication consultant, will moderate the plenary sessions and discussion.

  1. Make recommendations for the improvement of political institutions and Nepal's election process. 

About US-Nepal Research Center (US-NPRC)

The US-Nepal Policy Research Center ( is a non-profit educational, economic, and social policy research center based in the USA. It envisions to advance policy research to address some of the United States and Nepal's challenges. Most of its members are professionals and drawn from government institutions, private sectors, and academic institutions. 


For the last four years, US-NPRC has been conducting research and discussions on the importance of strong institutions, the causes, and effects of corruption in Nepal, and how knowledge, innovation, and institutions could strengthen Nepal's inclusive socio-economic development. 


This year, to continue debate and discussions on the importance of strong institutions for economic development, on September 12, 2020, it is organizing a webinar, "Crisis in political institutions and electoral reform in Nepal." This webinar is a continuation of the previous four conferences held in different cities and universities in the USA, as follows:

  1. "The US-NPRC inaugural conference," July 2016, Chicago

  1. "Science and policy to accelerate the smart growth under the new constitution, newer institutions, and old leadership in Nepal." September 2, 2017, at Springfield, Virginia.

  1. "Institutionalizing the Human Capital for Inclusive Development." August 25, 2018, at Harvard University, Boston.

  1. "Technology for development, transparency & good governance." May 25, 2019, at the University of California, Berkeley.


Over the last five years, more than 300 people have participated in the conference. About 100 academicians, researchers, development practitioners, problem solvers, policy analysts, and politicians have given oral presentations of their work, relevant to Nepal.


In collaboration with Krishna Prasad Bhattarai Foundation, the US-NPRC has also organized a discussion series on institutions' roles for good governance and socio-economic prosperity in Nepal.